Serious dog attacks: 34 full years of data — 17 Barks

In September of 1982, animal advocate Merritt Clifton first began logging and tracking disfiguring and fatal dog attacks on humans, collecting information on the type of attacking dog in each case, and the circumstances surrounding each attack.Now, after 34 years, we are more well informed as a result of his undertaking, especially in the light…

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Another “hero pit bull” scam debunked

One of the “oldie but moldy” urban myths that continues to circulate is the story of a “hero pit bull” that saved it’s master from a deadly snake. Heart-warming though such tales may seem to pit bull fans, there is simply no evidence that it ever happened. There original event does contain some of the elements of the urban myth which has been propagated; there was a snake, there was a pit bull, but the circumstances were hardly evidence of alleged pit bull heroics.


It’s gratifying to see that not everyone drinks the kool-aid, but in all likelihood, the die hard pit bull fans will continue to believe what they want to believe, while promoting pit bulls and inflicting them upon unsuspecting neighborhoods.

Get the facts here: Story of woman saved by pit bull found to be a hoax

A Remedy for Commissioner Philbrook

In Ohio, pit bulls had been regulated since 1987, in legislation passed in the aftermath of several horrific pit bull attacks, in order to prevent additional attacks and protect innocent members of the public.

In 2012 a group of determined Toledo-area pit bull advocates prevailed upon the Ohio legislature to go behind the backs of the voters and remove the legal protections that had been in place concerning the ownership of pit bull type dogs. After these legal protections were removed, pit owners were emboldened and the horrific pit bull attacks began to ramp up in earnest.

Zainabou Drame, 6 years old, pictured below, was mauled in an unprovoked attack by the neighbor’s pit bulls who broke her jaw and tore out her tongue. Zainabou was in an induced coma for weeks. She will never speak again.

Zainabou Drame - healed but never again whole

Zainabou Drame, attacked by neighbor’s pit bulls.

The pit bull owner did not face any charges in the attack, as he enjoyed the protections afforded by the new Ohio legislation. It’s unfortunate that there was no protection for Zainabou.

Commissioner Jane Philbrook apparently sees no need for proactive measures to protect victims, instead favoring a system under which harm must first come to victims before any action is taken – a system which favors the rights of dangerous dog fanciers to inflict these nightmares on their communities rather than the rights of the community – and innocent victims like Zainabou – to live in peace.

Click here to read the full story at SRUV.

Thank you, Aurora voters!

Cavapoo pup, 7 weeks old, and Yorkshire Terrier pup, Evie, 8 weeks old

In early voting results, measure 2D, the initiative to repeal the pit bull ban in Aurora, Colorado is losing badly. Clearly, the people of Aurora have spoken. Sadly, there are many locations in which corrupt politicians are manipulated by special interests, and they dump pit bulls upon unwilling constituents after making agreements behind closed doors. But whenever the people have the opportunity to speak for themselves, as they did tonight in Aurora, and previously in Miami-Dade, they overwhelmingly reject the pit bull propaganda and opt to protect their beloved animal companions from the dangerous and unpredictable maulers that kill so many innocent animals every day.

It’s a very good day for dogs in Aurora.

The objectivity of pit bull fanatics

Dick Johnson was reading the newspaper, as is his custom, with his morning coffee, and came across an article about – you guessed it – another pit bull attack. Of course, there is nothing unusual about that, pit bull attacks being a daily occurrence, and most of them going unreported. But something in the article bothered Dick Johnson, something he’s seen many times before: an apparent disconnect from reality on the part of pit bull owners.

Andy Ortiz was badly mauled, for no particular reason, by a pit bull owned by the Mason family, whose pool he was cleaning in September. Bitten multiple times in his arms, legs and face, he barely escaped with his life and doesn’t want anyone else to suffer a similar or worse fate. He has been unable to work since the near fatal mauling, and will require additional surgeries to repair the muscle and tissue damage to his arm.


How did the Masons respond? Were they horrified that they could have been so misled about the nature of their dog? Did they have the brute put down immediately? Well, not so much. Believe it or not, they contend that the pit bull is “sweet” and called it “the greatest family dog in the world.”

I’m sorry – in what bizarro alternate universe do you call an animal that attempted to tear a man apart for no particular reason – and almost succeeded –  “the best family dog in the world”? If pit bull fans call such a dangerous and unpredictable torturer “sweet”, do words have any meaning at all? You might want to tuck this bit of trivia away for later, and bring it to mind next time you hear a pit bull owner say that their pit bull is “sweet”.

For more info, see the article in the link below: