Darla Napora’s father speaks out – a word to the wise that bears repeating

The month of August 2011 was a bad one for proud pit bull fans. In that month, 3 different people were attacked and mauled to death by “family pit bulls” that either belonged to them or another family member, and were well known to them. The victims were Michael Cook of Tucson Az, Carmen Ramos of Philadelphia, Pa, and Darla Napora of Pacific, Ca.

image of Darla Napora

Darla Napora

Darla, a member of Bad Rap, a bay area pit bull advocacy group, was an outspoken advocate for the breed, and featured numerous pictures with their pit bulls on social media.

On August 11, 2011, the male pit bull launched a sustained, relentless attack so brutal that she couldn’t even reach a phone to dial 911. Her husband came home for lunch to find her dead body, with horrific injuries on her upper body, and defensive wounds on her arms, the pit bull still standing over its prey.

In the aftermath of the attack, her facebook page was immediately scrubbed, and the propaganda and victim blaming began in earnest.

A statement by Darla’s father was published on the 2nd anniversary of her death in, to address the misinformation and misconceptions spread by the pit bull advocacy, His comments are shown below. Sadly, the misinformation and victim blaming persists to this day.