2015 pit bull victim #37328

Poor pug mauled by pit bull

On Sunday afternoon (7/26/15), Tyson, an 11-year old pug from Los Angeles went out for a 30-minute walk with his dog walker and few other dogs. The group of dogs included a pit bull named Thor. After the walk, Tyson’s dog walker tied up the dogs outside of a 7-Eleven and stopped in for 10 minutes to pick up a Gatorade, which is when the pit bull attacked Tyson.
During the 7-Eleven stop, Tyson sustained multiple wounds to his neck, chest, torso, and legs. He needed a blood transfusion, a couple of surgeries, a cast, and plenty of stitches. Poor guy was being attacked and couldn’t get away due to their leashes keeping them in distance of each other.

Read the full story here: Reddit discussion


One thought on “2015 pit bull victim #37328

  1. Yet another demonstration of how dumb these pit bull idiots are. From that Reddit discussion: “my 100lb pit mix and a 2year [sic] old pit went at it in my living room….i ended up in the ER after separating them. … yeah, this was a full-on dual aggressor fight. My dog had the other dog by the feet, would not let go. Other dog had mine by the ear. He damn near lost his ear. I got on top of Other dog and threw my hands in it’s jaw and pried it off my dog. Ended up with 18 stiches [sic] and rabies shots, but still have my dog.”

    It seems not one of these imbeciles has ever watched one of the zillions of YouTube videos of pit bulls doing their pit-fighting thing. When it takes place in their living rooms, they’re totally amazed by the inherent behavior and motor patterns their grippers display — and of course, they have no idea what to do. These are the people who constantly present themselves as ‘experts’ on gripping maulers.

    Comes another pit bull moron at Reddit: “Similar situation with my [pit bull] when she was younger. I picked up the other dog and slammed it down in the grass and put my knee solidly on its throat. My [pit bull] knew to back off once I had stepped in but the other [pit bull] kept attacking. I basically choked it until I felt it had given up…if it hadn’t, I would have let it die.”

    These are the people who start ‘Justice For…” pages when someone not themselves chokes, stabs, or shoots an attacking frankenmauler to death. Another demonstration that they think it’s just fine to kill a pit bull, as long as it’s to save their own pit bull.

    I hope the pug this was done to recovers — physically, because he’ll never recover mentally. I hope the owner of this pug has learned that the only people you can trust to hand your normal dog over to are certified pit bull haters. We are the only ones who will adequately protect your real dog from the mutants and their mutant undogs that everywhere abound.

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