Pit bulls: bringing pain, in a world of pain

yorkie-killed-by-pit-bullThis account is just one of many, and representative of the pain and suffering inflicted every time a pit bull does the thing pit bulls were specifically designed and bred to do. Do pit bull advocates care? It doesn’t appear so. While pit bull advocates scream for less restriction and more access to victims, the slaughter of the innocent and unsuspecting rages on in our communities. Open your eyes, talk to your neighbors. You’ll be surprised to find out how many of them have had pets maimed or mauled to death by pit bulls, in attacks that never made the news.


One thought on “Pit bulls: bringing pain, in a world of pain

  1. I think just about everyone with any sense has about had it with this. You are so right in that most of these attacks never make the news. During the month of August a friend of ours sustained a gaping wound on the back of his leg while pumping gas. Seriously, we had areas where you can not even get out of the car to put gas in it without taking a risk of being attacked by a pit bull. Our friend jumped in the car to go to the hospital, and the attack was not reported.

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