A very good question



4 thoughts on “A very good question

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  2. Excellent! Sick of seeing the sad faces of these poor pets, with their drains and their bruises and their ghastly mutilating injuries! Pit Bulls’ are not like other dogs; they engage in abnormal canine behaviour which is NORMAL for them. People who claim to be dog-lovers but who still claim that a Pit Bull is worthy of that same degree of love, are not dog-lovers at ALL. Too many innocent victims!

    • So true. Their irratic, random prey driven attacks are an abomination in the whole animal kingdom. They maime and kill for sport, not food. Oh, and let’s have them jump onto a roof and jump down with a tire in his mouth. Another you tuber show off his pit scaling his six foot fence & jumping down safely into the front yard…where he then opens the gate to praise her! Doh! Wait til he tries to claim he has no idea how she got out.

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