A Remedy for Commissioner Philbrook

In Ohio, pit bulls had been regulated since 1987, in legislation passed in the aftermath of several horrific pit bull attacks, in order to prevent additional attacks and protect innocent members of the public.

In 2012 a group of determined Toledo-area pit bull advocates prevailed upon the Ohio legislature to go behind the backs of the voters and remove the legal protections that had been in place concerning the ownership of pit bull type dogs. After these legal protections were removed, pit owners were emboldened and the horrific pit bull attacks began to ramp up in earnest.

Zainabou Drame, 6 years old, pictured below, was mauled in an unprovoked attack by the neighbor’s pit bulls who broke her jaw and tore out her tongue. Zainabou was in an induced coma for weeks. She will never speak again.

Zainabou Drame - healed but never again whole

Zainabou Drame, attacked by neighbor’s pit bulls.

The pit bull owner did not face any charges in the attack, as he enjoyed the protections afforded by the new Ohio legislation. It’s unfortunate that there was no protection for Zainabou.

Commissioner Jane Philbrook apparently sees no need for proactive measures to protect victims, instead favoring a system under which harm must first come to victims before any action is taken – a system which favors the rights of dangerous dog fanciers to inflict these nightmares on their communities rather than the rights of the community – and innocent victims like Zainabou – to live in peace.

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Thank you, Aurora voters!

Cavapoo pup, 7 weeks old, and Yorkshire Terrier pup, Evie, 8 weeks old

In early voting results, measure 2D, the initiative to repeal the pit bull ban in Aurora, Colorado is losing badly. Clearly, the people of Aurora have spoken. Sadly, there are many locations in which corrupt politicians are manipulated by special interests, and they dump pit bulls upon unwilling constituents after making agreements behind closed doors. But whenever the people have the opportunity to speak for themselves, as they did tonight in Aurora, and previously in Miami-Dade, they overwhelmingly reject the pit bull propaganda and opt to protect their beloved animal companions from the dangerous and unpredictable maulers that kill so many innocent animals every day.

It’s a very good day for dogs in Aurora.