The objectivity of pit bull fanatics

Dick Johnson was reading the newspaper, as is his custom, with his morning coffee, and came across an article about – you guessed it – another pit bull attack. Of course, there is nothing unusual about that, pit bull attacks being a daily occurrence, and most of them going unreported. But something in the article bothered Dick Johnson, something he’s seen many times before: an apparent disconnect from reality on the part of pit bull owners.

Andy Ortiz was badly mauled, for no particular reason, by a pit bull owned by the Mason family, whose pool he was cleaning in September. Bitten multiple times in his arms, legs and face, he barely escaped with his life and doesn’t want anyone else to suffer a similar or worse fate. He has been unable to work since the near fatal mauling, and will require additional surgeries to repair the muscle and tissue damage to his arm.


How did the Masons respond? Were they horrified that they could have been so misled about the nature of their dog? Did they have the brute put down immediately? Well, not so much. Believe it or not, they contend that the pit bull is “sweet” and called it “the greatest family dog in the world.”

I’m sorry – in what bizarro alternate universe do you call an animal that attempted to tear a man apart for no particular reason – and almost succeeded –  “the best family dog in the world”? If pit bull fans call such a dangerous and unpredictable torturer “sweet”, do words have any meaning at all? You might want to tuck this bit of trivia away for later, and bring it to mind next time you hear a pit bull owner say that their pit bull is “sweet”.

For more info, see the article in the link below:



12 thoughts on “The objectivity of pit bull fanatics

  1. Holy crap. How can these people comment that way and not show any respect for the pain and suffering this dog has caused an innocent person that they called to clean their damn pool? So they want to let it kill the next person. Pitbull owners are beyond fanatical. They defend their murderers no matter what. It is sick.

  2. Take the LANDLORD to court… get a lien for the medical bills on the house…. the guy may wind up with that house and pool as his own….

  3. Whats really CRAZY is that it’s coming to light that some of you PIT BULL HATERS are trolling RESCUES CAUSING DEATH to innocent dogs!! Do some of you who do this have NOTHING better to do??

    • Oh dear, here we go again – “trolling rescues”? “causing death”? “innocent dogs”?

      Nobody knows what you mean by “trolling rescues” – unless that’s about people calling “rescues” on their slimy deception of unsuspecting adopters by e.g. whitewashing the record of a known dangerous pit bull and dumping it on an unsuepcting family, and/or marketing a mauler as a “lab mix”.

      As to your “innocent dogs”, I take it that’s doublespeak for “pit bulls” – but who’s killing more pit bulls than anybody? You pit freaks, by breeding a million more pit bulls a year than anyone wants. The shelters are consequently stuffed with them, and they eventually get put down at taxpayer expense. Interestingly, the only places where pit bulls aren’t having to be put down in large numbers are locales with BSL in place.

      In truth, the only singificant class of innocent dogs being killed are the ones being ripped apart by pit bulls every day, and that’s the slaughter than needs to be stopped.

  4. If anyone bothered to read the original article on this, he knew that the dog was protective of the property and went on the property with the knowledge that the dog was out. This is a case of the owners failing to secure the dog (if they knew that the man was coming over) and the man willingly going onto the property with the animal loose.

  5. Just to be clear, Dick Johnson’s article was about the apparent disconnect with reality displayed by these pit bull owners.

    You remarked that the pit bull was “protective of his property”, and you may or may not know this about dogs, but all dogs are protective of their property. But normal dogs will warn, they will bluff, they will go to great lengths to give the intruder the opportunity to retreat. but the pit bull opened with a relentless, sustained, life threatening attack on the pool man.

    This is clearly a vicious, dangerous dog, but the owner refers to it as “sweet”, and that is the point of this article.

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